Our technology team combines the best of engineering talent in India, with the most passionate and knowledgeable of college computer nerds who are blessed with a knack for technology. The team primarily pulls members from India’s premiere engineering schools – including the IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology).

These are mixed with internet gurus who have evolved from the hacking culture, but are also well equipped with a string of certifications such as the ‘Microsoft Certified Professional’ degree. The PSP culture promotes smart, passionate and innovative members who share a deep belief in the power of the Internet to help businesses, institutions and professionals.

IT Consulting

The management lead at Yes Infotech includes team members with a deep insight and exposure to different business practices. International best practices are adopted by former employees at Fortune 500 companies, with work experience in different countries worldwide.


Yes Infotech, a Chennai, South India based Company, provides outsourcing Services to Clients Globally. Some of our focus industries include financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, and Media. Some of our software technologies is listed below:

  1. SAP,
  2. PeopleSoft,
  3. DevOps,
  4. Siebel,
  5. Data Warehousing,
  6. Software Testing Tools,
  7. Oracle,
  8. J2EE,
  9. .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), XML and many more.