OBIEE Training in Chennai

Pre-Requisites & Introduction to OBIEE 12c
Conventional OLTP vs OLAP
Why a warehouse
Introducing to Warehouse concepts -Current trends of Warehouse
Dimensions & Facts
Start Schemas vs Snow Flake Schemas
Aggregate table
Introduction to Data Modeling
Why OBIEE- OBIEE Overview
Advantage of Using OBIEE
OBIEE Architecture
Introduction to Repository
Understanding Architecture
Understanding Repository Basics
Introduction to Physical layer
Importing the DB Objects and schema
Connection Pools – Data Sources
Star Schema Modeling
Modeling the Physical Layer
Modeling Aliases and Opaque Views
Introduction to BMM Layer
Business Model Layer Objects
Building Business Model Layer
Testing and Validating a Repository

BMM Layer Deep Dive
Adding multiple sources to dimensions
Adding Logical Columns to Facts and Dimensions
Adding Calculations to Fact
Creating Dimension Hierarchies
Modeling Time Series Data & Functions
Modeling Slowly changing Dimensions
Modeling Extension Tables
Modeling Aggregate tables
Cache Management

BMM & Presentation Layer
Creating Aggregate Tables using Aggregate Persistence wizard
Introduction to Variables
Using Session variables (System/Non System)
Using Repository Variables
Using Static and Dynamic Variables
Adding Multiple Sources to Dimension
Implicit Fact Implementation and Usages
Introductions to Filters
Expression Builders
Setting up LTS filters

Oracle Answers
Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
Creating Sample Report Using OBIEE Answers
Understanding Subject Areas
Building Table Views
Building Pivot Table Views
Building Chart views
Building View Selector
Understanding Narrative View
Understanding Compound Layout
Understanding Shared Filters and Saved Filters
Understanding Combined Requests
Working with No results Views
Oracle Answers & Interactive Dashboards
Working on ANSWERS and its FEATURES
Using Different Types of Prompts
Using Presentation Variables
Filters and Prompts in OBIEE Answers
Using Column Filters / Prompt Filters / Global Filters
Using Combined Filter/Group Filter/ Filter Based on other Request
Using Dynamic filter using variable
Configuring Interactive Dashboards & Prompts
Configuring Guided Navigation Links

Administration & Security
Administration on Dashboards and reports
Authentication & Authorization
Object & Data Level Security
Webcatalog Level Security
Creating Users, Groups & Webgroups
Understanding Usage Tracking
Working on Creating Projects
Introduction to Delivers
Delivers Configuration
Creating IBOTs and Scheduling

ORACLE Apps OBIEE Training in Chennai