Wide recognition

Yes Infotech is an outsourcing software development company that proves its expertise around the world. Numerous clients from such world-famous cities as New York and San Francisco have already witnessed unsurpassed skills of our developers. Nowadays our specialists make it a priority to promote this ambitious company. We are on track to establish extensive business links on a global scale, so that all businessmen may get an impeccable software product and enjoy customer care of incredible level.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

With the focus on the new technologies and mobile development, we deliver breakthrough innovations to companies in USA. Our developers will take your business to the next level with top-notch outsourcing software solutions matching exactly your goals and priorities.

Significant projects

Yes Infotech is one of few companies demonstrating project experience in such extremely extensive range of spheres. Our developers have built suitable solutions for the spheres of Logistics, Telecom, E-commerce, Healthcare, Fintech, Entertainment and Gaming, Adtech. Now, this software company emerges as a strong competitor on large local markets, such as New York software development services, as its experts are real pros either in web- and mobile development, or in art asset and animation creation.

Our Strength

  • We deliver with Right solutions.
  • Understanding the problem to be addressed and come up with suitable solutions.
  • Choose the best Technology for your product whether web or desktop based.
  • Defining and Execution of SDLC and milestones.
  • Scale up the delivery with very less time.
  • Improve the software product quality and performance.
  • Automation testing to support quality development efforts.
  • Accurate documentation for training end users.
  • High SLA standards to support client company.
  • Excellent Consultants with right technical and communication skills to set high professional standards.